At Northwest Baptist Church, we believe the grace of God changes things. God’s grace changes people, churches, and the world as we know it. The grace that we receive from God changes the way we understand reality and the way we think about life. For these reasons, we strive to grow in God’s grace through spiritual disciplines such as reading scripture, prayer, and meditation. We attempt to grow in the image of Jesus as individuals and as a church, while joining hands with God in loving the world. The same grace that gives us life demands our lives, and we strive to grow in that grace. While none of us ever arrives at our destination, we find joy in this journey together.

One aspect of this journey includes the study of God's Word. The Greek word “disciple” means one who learns. The Bible has a great deal to say about the mind and how a Christian should seek wisdom, discernment and knowledge. We believe a Christian should always be learning and growing in the knowledge of Christ. At NWBC we emphasize in-depth teaching of the scripture and offer multiple opportunities for you to learn about the Way of Christ through the Word.

The central teaching program at NWBC is Sunday morning Bible study. These classes typically begin at 9:45 a.m. and fill several important needs.

Learning.  The focus of each class is on the Scripture and learning its meaning and application. Teaching methods vary from class to class, but you will always have an opportunity to read, discuss, and learn the Word.

Fellowship. You normally do not have an opportunity to meet and get to know people in a large worship service, but a small Bible study group enables you to learn names and develop friendships. Fellowship is an important part of growing as a Christian.

Service. A Bible study class is often the first group to learn of needs among its members and work to meet those needs. Service and ministry opportunities in the larger church setting and in the community are important ways of expressing and confirming what you have learned in the Word.

Outreach. People become Christians and become better Christians through God’s Word. Inviting someone to come with you to a Sunday morning Bible study class is one of the easiest and most effective ways to share faith in Christ.

Classes are available for all age groups. Infants through high school students have classes that are developmentally appropriate. Children need solid spiritual foundations just as they need solid academic foundations, so we encourage parents to bring their children to Sunday School. Adults also have a life-long need to learn more about God through His Word. No matter how many times you may have heard a familiar passage of scripture, you are likely to gain some new insight.

Other Growing Opportunities include:

Wednesday night Adult Bible study at 6 p.m. following our fellowship meal at 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday night Youth Bible study is led by our youth minister, A.T. Benson.

Wednesday night Children's Bible Study is led by our children's minister, Carrie Nault.